Marti Trgovich is a writer and editor in New York. She’s held full-time roles at Vox Media, Hearst Magazines, and Time Inc., and she has freelanced for Martha Stewart, Condé Nast, New York Magazine, and other publications. 


Most recently, she was the content director for a popular social media brand, and before that she was the managing editor at animal brand The Dodo, where she was part of the original editorial team who helped make the brand a household name.

She thinks life would be boring without books, and she is likely reading at least five at any given time. She is currently working on a novel set against the backdrop of gloomy Victorian England, which she promises is a lot funnier than it sounds. 

Animals are close to her heart, and her proudest professional moment so far (aside from being surprised with an award in front of lots of people) is the time she got to spearhead a holiday surprise for homeless pets. On that note, she is thrilled to be a volunteer at her local shelter.


As a pet expert, she creates fun, engaging, original content that connects readers to brands, and she’s excited to work with new clients!

Her last name is Croatian and is pronounced TUR-go-vich.